Décor of your wedding is the first thing, that creates all the impression. We turn your wedding into a visual delight that can create everlasting memories. From latest trends to your choice of setting, our Décor can transform your wedding into an unbelievably suave and sophisticated event.


We love entertainment and we love entertaining. Every occasion that we handle is always full of entertainment. We promise that with us, there won’t be any dull moment in your occasion.


For us your guests are as important as they are to you. It is taken for that they are looked after affably, and their needs and demands are met instantly. Believe us, your guests will be awestruck by your hospitality.


How to take your guests to the venue? Leave it to us. Managing the transportation facilities that cater to your guests luxuriously, we give them a hassle-free travel.


Planning your stay diligently so that you get ample of time to check-out every important thing of the destination you have chosen and don’t miss out on any attraction.